Run up the Numberz x Community Energy Project Ep. 4

Season 2, Episode 4,  Jan 03, 04:00 PM

Welcome to the 4th installment in our series in partnership with Community Energy Project featuring James Metoyer Workforce Development Training Manager at Earth Advantage

In previous episodes we’ve talked with Sam Baraso of Portland Clean Energy Fund, Aneesa Pemberton, Environmental Partnership Manager at Coalition of Communities of Color, Charity Fain the Executive Director of Community Energy Project and Program Director Sherrie Villmark. 

These episodes are filled with a lot of great information and resources that can help change your relationship with not just your energy bill but give us the information we need for our communities to move into a more efficient and mutually beneficial relationship with our environment. 

So listen close, take some notes if you need to, and most importantly check out our previous episodes anywhere you listen to podcasts.