Happy healthy social media self-care with psychologist and writer Suzi Reading

Season 2, Episode 12,  Sep 07, 2021, 06:00 AM

Are self-care and social media compatible? God no is the popular answer, isn't it? But our guest this week - psychologist, yogi and author Suzy Reading - thinks oh-my-god yesssss.

When first-time motherhood and grief collided, Suzy went through a period of what she describes as "energetic bankruptcy." Since finding her way back to good health she's been sharing her techniques for managing times of stress and change with her clients, readers and 29k Instagram followers

"I'm not doing it for approval. I'm just sharing. And I hope that in meeting one person where they're at and making a difference to that one person - jobs a good'un. It's not about the number of likes. We can really torture ourselves with those statistics."
Listen to find out how Suzy balances the demands of marketing your product with practicing what she preaches about kindness and mindfulness.

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