PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE - Big Homies House E:78

Episode 78,  Sep 06, 2021, 02:32 PM

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE  -  Big Homies House E:78

#Donda #CLB #CertifiedLoverBoy #LaborDay 

Labor Day edition of the Big Homies House , and we got big homie Alexis and Big Homie Hunter!!!

This week we review Donda while waiting for Drake to drop Certified Lover Boy! Also, which Reality TV star is getting too cozy in her own bed!!?? Is it possible for sweet innocent babies to grow up and be f*ck n***** ?? Also, are the people you used to hunch on invited to your wedding??? All this insanity and more!!!



This weeks Homies are 


3:00 - DONDA review ! 

5:07 -  How Do Babies Grow Up To Become F*** Boys?

13:01 - Do You Need To Be Open About Your Sex Life To Anyone Else?

16:36 -  Did You REALLY Cancel An Artist If You Still Listen To Songs They Contributed To?

17:37 - Do You Still Listen To R. Kelly? 

20:26 - When Do You Save Someone’s Phone Number?

22:47 - Why Don’t Women Shoot Their Shot At Men?

28:43 - Is A Transactional Friendship A Genuine One?

34:30 -  If Your Daughter’s Friend Is Pregnant Early, Is Your Daughter Going To The Baby Shower?

37:25 - If Your Daughter Has A Baby Young, Are You Giving Her A Baby Shower?

39:41 - Are You Wrong For Issuing Invoices For People Who RSVP But Don’t Show Up To Wedding?

41:24 - Are People You Used To Hunch On Invited To Your Wedding?

43:07 - What Is Dating vs “In A Relationship”

46:51 - Is A Guy Required To Take Your Trash Out The First Time He Visits?

52:57 - Do You Go Through Your S/O Phone

53:54 - Are You Selfish For Not Wanting To Deal With Someone With EXTREME Mental Health Issues ?

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