Diversity In Yachting with Gabriela Barragan: Guest Chef Abigail Pawlik

Season 2, Episode 291,  Sep 16, 2021, 05:37 PM

Chef Abigail Pawlik was born and raised in the Hamptons, New York! She is a mixed race (African American, Cherokee Indian, Irish, Polish, Israeli, Italian, German, French and Pakistani) American Chef. She proudly states she was born at home, in Sag Harbor, a sleepy little New York town that wakes up when the yachts arrive for summer. When born, her midwife stated that in her Cherokee native tribe, she would be a medicine woman with healing hands. That gift was later recognized when she began cooking at the age of 12.

She attended Hayground school in Bridgehampton, NY where her mother placed her to harness her creative energy and nurture her. The school had an emphasis on diversity and knowledge of all cultures. The founders and staff emphasized the importance on teaching children where their food came from and the slow food movement. At the age of 14, she began teaching cooking at the Hayground summer camp. She was entrusted with the lofty goal of teaching and feeding children and faculty alike. There, she began to teach herself and learn from everyone around her including world renowned chefs.

Slowly, 5 clients became 10, 10 became 15 and so her career as a private chef began. After 5 years working selling business management software an innovative company, teaching cooking in the summer, and chefing privately at night, she decided it was time to launch her full time chef career. Initially, she joined yachting with the original intent of subsidizing a small business catering in NY.

After her first season in Fort Lauderdale, she fell in love with being on boats and decided to challenge herself on charter yachts. The goal being to always be a different restaurant every meal. Dietary restrictions, guest preference, product availability, weather conditions and any other obstacle thrown her way she wanted to always strive for excellence. Abigail is well versed in a variety of cuisines ranging from French, Asian, Swedish, Spanish, Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, to vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian!

In 2019 she reluctantly competed at the Newport Charter Show in their annual Chef competition. She cooked a dish that reminded her of something she would make for the people she loves most and cooked “the way I like to eat, and something my people would love” she says. She was concerned about being the youngest, less experienced, and only female chef. She won first place!

With the complications of covid, family and personal life taking importance, and wanting to build a lasting career path outside of exclusively cheffing, she is now freelance! Abigail is currently working on her blog about cooking, and starting a new business!

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