Is the World Ending Soon?

Sep 16, 08:50 PM

Steven and Meg discuss upcoming events.  Steven answers a KB’s question about the meaning of life advancing toward perfected completion. “The world is advancing toward perfected completion” is a cosmological term that defines the direction of the expanding cosmos…in the creation of a finished design.
All things are interrelated…and as the cosmos goes…so goes the human experience.  Human beings…are advancing the mind, body and soul toward perfected completion.  Completion in this sense…doesn’t mean, it’s finished, that’s it, “job done.”  We are advancing beyond identifying with failure, beyond the egoic personality, awakening to higher consciousness.  As the new reality of awakening comes fully into human
Consciousness…when the destructive nature will be dissolved…it will be decisive.  There will be a great shift…in a single moment of awakening….and in that moment…the smallest interval of time measured will be lengthened into infinity. Higher Consciousness is alignment with oneness…the essence of your Higher Being, which moves beyond the natural, in the same way that you came here…but enligtened by the experiential knowledge of awareness and choice.           
Advancement is central to experiencing ourselves in this life.”

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