Amarapushpa and Chandrasiddhi - Finding a Practical Sense of Wholeness

Episode 37,   Sep 17, 2021, 02:47 PM

“I had been looking for so long.  And then I saw my first woman Order Member. And that was like the ‘fourth sight’… that inspired me to go for refuge. (Amarapushpa)

“It’s not something that has to do with ideas and concepts… It’s about more practical wholeness, with your heart. (Chandrasiddhi)

Grabación en inglés y español | Recording in English and Spanish


Amarapushpa, a lawyer from New York, found her way to Buddhism and, eventually, to England to live a life of service through her Dharma practice, engaging especially with women. She speaks and works in both English and Spanish.

Chandrasiddhi from México City has followed her heart from childhood wonderings about the nature of reality through a philosophy degree, and on into full-time Buddhist life and practice. She was among a pioneering group of Latin American women ordained by other Mexican women in México in 2017.

This conversation was recorded when they met at Bodh Gaya in India in 2018.

Extracts from this conversation were used for the 50 Years, 50 Voices project - visit the dedicated space on The Buddhist Centre Online for more.