Ikigai and Your Higher Purpose

Episode 6,   Aug 25, 2021, 03:00 PM

Featuring Ian Windle - Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Presenter and Author of 'The Leadership Map'.

Gareth speaks with Ian Windle, author of recently-published book 'The Leadership Map' and co-host of the Gritty Leaders Club podcast.

As well as a deep-dive into several principles put forward in the book, Ian and Gareth discuss Ian's 2018 TEDx talk on having 'An Unreasonable Dream', the revelations that come from his work with business leaders in the Peer Advisory Group he chairs, and his admiration of Asian business culture, high-performing sportspeople and those who challenge the status quo.

Touching on numerous sources of leadership theory, this episode namechecks several inspiring books, such as :

You can learn more about Ian's work at www.ianwindle.com