Wilbert Das and Bob Shevlin, Uxua Casa – Set your mind to it: paving the way for sustainable tourism

Episode 104,  Oct 13, 10:19 AM

In this Change Makers series in collaboration with Mr & Mrs Smith, we explore the travel industry’s role in delivering a more sustainable future in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing climate emergency.

This week Michael Hayman is joined by Wilbert Das and Bob Shevlin, Founders of Uxua Casa. The hotel and spa is set right on the Unesco-protected Quadrado, making it an easy stroll to the artisans’ workshops and restaurants lining the grassy town square. But the Unesco site isn’t the only one under protection: the clutch of casas were born in 2006, carved out of a collection of original fishermen’s houses and inspired by authentic craftsmanship which the founders strive to preserve.