Between Two GMs - Talking CHEW The Roleplaying Game with Mitch / Penny for a Tale

Episode 34,  Oct 14, 01:15 AM

Hello and welcome to our next installment of Between Two GMs where your Co-Hosts Nathan and Matt sit down and talk to creators within the Table Top Roleplaying Game community.

In this episode, Matt & Nathan interview Mitchell of Penny for a Tale about the Kickstarter for their TTRPG, CHEW: The Roleplaying Game, a game based on the Award-Winning Image comic series.

We shoot the shit about returning to cons, about the CHEW game itself, how it came about, their take on the Forged in the Dark system and their progress on their successful Necrobiotic Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter ends November 4th, 2021:

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Mitchell on Twitter:  @mitchsbustillos

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