Star Trek: The Next Generation - Sub Rosa

Oct 15, 01:30 PM

Get ready for a spooky crossover as The Apocalypse Video Trek-Cast merges with the Shocktober Spooktacular to discuss the much maligned TNG episode: Sub Rosa.

Just when you thought it was safe to read your Grandma’s erotic journals…

The Apocalypse Video Shocktober Spooktacular continues, and this time we’re crossing over...into the Final Frontier! I’m your host, Dave, and joining me as we spend a few days on Planet Scotland are fellow Trekkies and Ghost/Anaphasic-Hunters Mike and Jackie.

Topics covered in this spooooky assignment include the 24th century’s acceptance of 100 year old granny’s getting down with thirty year old studs; Counselor Troi asserts her position as ship’s gossip hound; and finally, we all share in disgusted disbelief as Beverly Crusher spends the whole episode getting turned on by her Nana’s erotic journals.

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The Apocalypse Video Trek-Cast will return as the crew of the Enterprise-D takes its first steps into the world of motion pictures with Star Trek: Generations. This is your Captain, Dave, signing off. And don’t forget to destroy that damn candle! I have warned ye!!!