Developing the Human Side of Technology with Dan Roberts

Season 2, Episode 56,  Oct 25, 2021, 03:27 PM

On this episode of the Humans of DevOps, Jason Baum is joined by Dan Roberts, CEO and president of Ouellette & Associates Consulting, host of the CIO Whisperers podcast, author and speaker. They discuss qualities of great leaders, the "HEAR" model and listening, Nelson Mandela plus way more!

Dan Roberts has mentored, studied and partnered with thousands of CIOs and technology leaders for more than 3 decades. His firm coined the term “Developing the Human Side of Technology” in 1984 when technology and technologists hid safely behind glass walls. Fast forward to the here and now and Dan believes there has never been a better time to be in the IT profession. He has dedicated his career to ensuring leaders and team members have the new mindsets, skill sets and tools necessary to differentiate and elevate the IT narrative.

As a student of leadership, Dan writes and speaks about the common traits of the top game-changing leaders in our profession. He notes how these difference makers are not distracted by the bright shiny objects, cut through the noise of the day and have a laser focus on what he refers to as the 7C’s of top leaders: Customer Obsession, Culture, Cultivate, Courage, Change, Collaboration & Communication.

Dan is considered one of the most connected executives in the CIO arena and is passionate about connecting great people with great ideas. CIOs appreciate his ability to energize, challenge their thinking and build and sustain a world-class IT culture and future-ready workforce.

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