True North True Crime

Episode 56,  Oct 27, 10:00 AM

For the final episode in this month’s Domestic Violence Awareness series, Bob interviews one of the hosts of the “True North True Crime” podcast, Graeme. Graeme hosts this biweekly Canadian podcast with his wife, Kate, where they bring awareness to crimes, mysteries, and missing persons in the Great White North. Together, the duo focuses their narratives on the victims and their families, keeping their own identities anonymous. In the episode, Bob and Graeme chat about their podcast origin stories, moving from a career in comedy to a career in social work, and the ethics of true crime podcasting. They then discuss the tragic murder of Trina Hunt. In the winter of 2020, Trina’s husband returned to their suburban, Vancouver home after work to discover that Trina was not there. Having not seen or heard from her since early that morning, Trina’s husband reported her missing but searches of the area around their home turned up nothing. Months after her disappearance, Trina’s remains were located off of a remote road in Hope, British Colombia. The location of this discovery raised some eyebrows due to its connection to a story given by Trina’s husband about the couple’s movements leading up to Trina’s disappearance, but charges have yet to be brought in the case.

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