Scott Parker’s high flying cherries and Owen Coyle is live from Goa!

Season 4, Episode 13,   Oct 27, 2021, 05:05 PM

Scott Parker agrees that Bournemouth seem a perfect fit for him, but he’s cautious about getting carried away, as he sits down and explains his thinking to Mark Clemmit. His table topping Bournemouth side will have tough tests throughout the season, he has no doubts, but for now they’re flying high and he’s enjoying his time on the south coast. Further afield but equally close to the beach, Owen Coyle is live from Goa, as he’s based over there as the boss of Jamshedspur FC in the Indian Super League. He may be nearly 5000 miles away, but his knowledge of the daily goings on at every level within the EFL is encyclopaedic, as he proves once again with Clem, as the two dissect all the latest news this week!