6 Questions to Ask —To Attract Abundance

Episode 295,  Oct 27, 08:30 PM

Steven and Meg are enjoying the snowfall in Colorado and looking forward to going to Charleston, SC.  Meg points out the power of recognizing it’s what we say about ourselves that ultimately matters. Steven answers a listeners question about knowing what questions to ask of yourself to gain insights for awakening to Higher Consciousness.  “When you pose a question with enough authenticity, enough sincerity and are willing to receive the answer, the universe will find a way to answer you.
Is there something more you would like to do?
Remember, the collective consciousness is not in your genius— Your genius is in the collective consciousness.  That’s easy to forget in the pride of ego.  It's not enough to just create for yourself. There is a point where personal transformation turns from self-examination into social participation. The collective consciousness is not in your genius. Your genius is in the collective consciousness. So KB’s are evolving beyond self-examination. They are making it through the labyrinth of the illusory.  By awakening beyond the empirical world, they are aware of being presently in the world—while observing the world. If you have awakened to manifest the ability to create a civilization that is more peaceful, that is wiser, more loving and of a higher viewpoint than what’s being suffered, than it's no longer enough to walk in the woods noticing reflections. So today when an awakened KB gives me that questioning look, I say, "I'm contributing to the manifestation of an enlightened world, Would you like to join me?”  And absolutely, would they ever!
This awakening to a broader responsibility is why our Awakening Retreats are always more than anyone expected. Not only are they beautiful experiences of a collaborative celebration, but they release people from their imaginative strongholds.”

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