Tricia Barker, 10.31.21 - Angels in the OR - An Extraordinary Near Death Experience

Oct 29, 2021, 09:51 PM

"I was an agnostic. I was like, okay consciousness survives. But then I saw the angels and I was like, What is this? This is different! This is otherworldly! I felt like a kid. They were so unexpected!" - Tricia Barker, NDE

Wonderful beings co-exist alongside us in the in-between. On Halloween - the day this show is posting - ghosts and all things spooky boo are given center stage. My ghost shows are in the archives. Suggest: The Polaroid Ghost.

We're jumping ahead to All Saints' Day to usher in the Angels. [Also the day my Grandfather chose to make his exit in 2006.]

Endorsement - "Angels in the OR is about a spiritual journey of a very alive and honest woman. She hides nothing from her truthful account of living, dying, and living more fully. Tricia Barker is an engaging and compassionate person who has found her purpose in life. Following her beautifully written story will confirm the readers about their own journey. Share the light with her as she brings the love into our world." - Howard Storm, author of "My Descent into Death," minister, writer, and painter.

There are no two identical NDEs. That to me is what makes the topic so refreshing, fascinating and reaffirming. Each person who shares their experience brings a bit of light to awareness.

It doesn't matter that Tricia's NDE was in in 1994, the awe and excitement is still in her voice when she talks about seeing the Angels.

Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation. This show is posting on Halloween because - Angles are just as real as ghosts and so much more positively incentivizing in terms of trying to foster a connection.

Tricia works with Angels. The NDE changed her life. She experienced the residual PSI after-effects and talks about that. Instructed to become a teacher during her NDE, she reoriented her life and charted a new course with the focus on teaching teenagers.  Mistakes didn't go away. She owns those and continues living, learning and loving.

Tricia offers personal readings. All ages welcome. From what Tricia witnessed in the OR it is clear that Angels draw no distinctions on who is worthy. They were there for everyone on that day - maybe most especially - the surgeons.

Tricia's website:
Her book and supporting links: Angels in the OR. And on Amazon.

Amazon Author Bio: As a college senior at The University of Texas at Austin, Tricia experienced an extraordinary near-death experience after a massive car wreck. In the afterlife, she learned that she must change her plans and work as a teacher. Tricia’s near-death experience story has been featured on A&E’s I Survived: Beyond and Back and covered by National Geographic.

Amazon Review: Chris Brethwaite 5.0 out of 5 stars A beautifully written memoir centered around an exceptionally profound NDE - As a former IANDS (The International Association for Near-Death Studies) chapter head I have read a slew of NDE books over the past forty-some years. Tricia Barker's "Angels in the OR" is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Not only is her book beautifully written, but her mastery of the English language allows her to overcome the ineffability problem of describing an indescribable experience to a far greater extent than most experiencers.

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