Corey Feldman Gives Us an Ear-Full and We Like It

Episode 226,  Nov 12, 2021, 06:10 PM

The highly spiritual, humbled and supremely grateful soon to be 50-year-old icon, Corey Feldman is celebrating his upcoming milestone birthday with some big announcements including new music and a massive re-digitized version of his old stuff including some of his legendary friends. He's also partnered with Cosmic Wire to offer the world an unbelievable collection of hybrid NFTs, beginning with the actual prosthetic ear he wore while starring as Teddy Duchamp in Stand By Me.

Originally scheduled to start on Halloween, Corey and the Cosmic Wire team have relaunched the auction today so anyone can participate and place a bid, not just those who hold cryptocurrencies.

One lucky winner will get the authentic prosthetic ear, along with a 1-of-1 digital art NFT. Feldman is also throwing in a special autographed copy of the 25th anniversary BlueRay DVD. p.s. He’s also selling replica ears for $12, plus shipping.

Watch the video: