TSD Spotlight: CBRE and the Path to Diversity in Tech Talent

Episode 26,  Nov 16, 2021, 06:39 PM

Kevin Carroll and Colin Yasukochi discuss The Path Forward for Tech Talent Diversity, a report recently put out with CBRE and Site Selection magazine.

Kevin sits down with CBRE Tech Insights Director, Colin Yasukochi and SVP of Tenant Relations, Dennis Hearst to talk about this challenge companies are having in finding a way to increase their staff diversity. There are no easy answers and it will take time. But it starts with tech employers seeking out and developing diverse tech talent since the traditional talent pipelines are falling short of meeting diversity goals. For more insights from CBRE visit
Insights & Research | CBRE

To read Colin's article: Diversity: The Path Forward for Tech Talent Diversity: Five Questions and Answers with the Executive Director of CBRE’s Tech Insights Center (siteselection.com)

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Executive Producers: Sara Spiva and Kevin Carroll

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