Actress Nina Bergman Talks Taking on Complex Character in New Movie Hell Hath No Fury

Episode 227,  Nov 17, 2021, 10:24 PM

Actress, singer-songwriter, and former amateur boxer Nina Bergman is known for taking on roles playing kick-ass women. Her latest movie, Hell Hath No Fury​​​​​​, is no different. In the World War II film that hit theaters last Friday, Bergman stars as Marie DuJardin, a French resistance fighter who falls in love with an SS officer and becomes a prisoner of a rogue group of corrupt US soldiers. We chatted with Bergman the day of the release to hear all about the plot inspired by several women who did incredible things during the war and how Bergman took on her character's complexity.

When we sat down virtually with Bergman from Los Angeles, we also learned there are several layers to her. This motorcycle-riding adrenaline junkie has a soft and romantic side. The Danish actress is a vegan with a big heart for animals and being of service to others. And she's always had a passion for the arts. Acting is in her blood as her paternal grandfather was famed Russian actor Pavel Kadochnikov, known for his role in Ivan the Terrible. Bergman has had success in music too. She worked with Paul Anka, who managed her career and helped her sign a 6-album contract with Warner Bros Records.

See what Bergman says the best advice she got from Anka, and what she’s up to next, including a comic book and a role as a “pretty badass” video game character.