LSE Limelight #29: Sabbatical Officers

Episode 90,  Nov 19, 2021, 04:58 PM

We spoke to the Sabbatical Officers- the past students elected to represent the current students of LSE. We covered the big stuff like ‘how do you effectively manage the library stairs?’ and spoke about a range of topics, from feeling like an outsider at LSE, to what exactly Carol is, and why this was the year to launch compulsory consent training for first year students. 

Recorded 02/11/21. 
Presented and produced by Maisie Adair, edited by Avan Fata. 
To contact the sabbatical officers:
Josie Stephens (General Secretary -,
Robyn McAlpine (Education Officer -,
Ed Hall (Activities and Development Officer - and
Faiso Kadiye (Community and Welfare Officer