Tracks of my Life with Andrea Begley

Nov 22, 2021, 12:09 PM

Tracks of My Life is a show on RNIB Connect Radio presented and produced by Toby Davey where he invites a guest to take us on a journey through their life, sharing the tracks that mark important moments which bring back memories to them.

Their chosen tracks of their life might include the first track they can remember hearing, the first track they bought, a number of tracks that mark moments in their life and the final track, a track that they would like to pass on which might give people hope for the future.

In this trimmed down podcast version of Tracks of My Life Toby is joined by Andrea Begley, visually impaired Irish singer / song writer and disability advocate who in 2013 entered the BBC talent show The Voice and after wowing the judges at the blind auditions went on to be crown winner of the second series of The Voice UK.

Through Andrea’s Tracks of My Life we will go on a journey from her first performance aged 11 for a Children In Need event at the Ulster Hall, time at University in Belfast which  took her early musical playing and performing   down a different route, as Andrea picked up the guitar and started to write her own music and songs.  

how inspirational Andrea’s Aunt Philomena Begley - The Queen of Country Music’ as she is known in Ireland - has been to Andrea on her musical career.

And we will of course hear from Andrea about her time on The Voice, as well as good times going to concerts and nights out with her friends and family.

Why not visit Andrea’s website to find out more about her music and listen to some of her great tracks -

You can catch the hour-long version of Tracks of My Life with Toby’s guest’s music tracks in full by tuning in to RNIB Connect Radio every Tuesday at 7pm, repeated on Thursday at 1pm and Sunday at 8pm.