Selling what you know with the queen-of-course-launches @elizabethstilesuk

Season 2, Episode 34
Nov 23, 07:30 AM

**There's a teeny swear near the end, in case you have sensitive ears.**

Fashion brand consultant Elizabeth Stiles teaches small fashion start-ups how to get their product made, out there and on people's backs.

After years working in-house for brands like Next and Miss Selfridge she had a moment of clarity (on a yoga mat, as you do) that she could package up and sell her knowledge on the internet.

Elizabeth got my attention - not because I want to start a fashion brand - but because of how brilliantly she sells her courses on Instagram. 

Listen to find out, 
  • how often she posts when she's in launch-mode
  • the unsexy truths of successful digital marketing
  • and how to know when your account needs a trip to the Instagram beauty salon
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