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Season 2, Episode 2,  Nov 22, 2021, 06:09 PM

Today, I am joined by Gayatri Parameswaran. She is a journalist and co-founder of Nowhere Media, an immersive storytelling studio that explores how you can achieve meaningful  narratives through immersive experiences. Her projects have not only been featured at festivals such as SXSW, Sundance and Venice film festival. Her latest VR experience Kusunda has actually won the Tribeca Storyscapes Grand Jury prize just a few weeks ago.

Gayatri gives a raw account of the true hustle that is being a foundHER. Juggling one two three projects simultaneously, having to pitch ideas to potential investors and managing teams - all while keeping her creative juices flowing. She is a true warrior and I applaud her resilience.

When I met Gayatri, we co-organized a VR pop up studio in Berlin, we also co-participated at a panel at the Perugia journalism festival and she gave the keynote at one of the VR conferences i co-organized with Frederic Dubois
I've been able to explore her work over the years and I am honored that she is here with me today. 

Some key takeaways:
  • Keeping a language alive means keeping a culture alive. Kusunda is a VR experience that lets you explore the world of the Kusunda language.
  • "I am very inspired by reality ... We let ourselves be guided by reality and people in real life ... There is something special to immersive technologies and what it can do for storytelling."
  • Currently, Nowhere Media is doing research about how stories about intangible cultural heritage affects people when they are told in different media/formats.
  • "There is something magical over there that's happening inside the VR headset."
  • Kusunda started with a core team. Then they received seed funding for the prototype. Step by step, additional funding came in to start imagining what an extended version of the story could look like.
  • The project had some real life impact, including a language revitalization program.

Gayatri's book recommendations:

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