EP4: 2007 - Christine Sinclair on what it takes to be the best

Episode 4,   Nov 24, 2021, 06:00 AM

In this episode of Changing The Game, Ali Riley's special guest is Christine Sinclair. The Canadian legend discusses the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup and shares her experiences with the national team that have seen her feature in five World Cups and win an Olympic gold medal at Tokyo 2020. 

Reflecting on her career so far, Sinclair reveals her personal challenges (21:20) while exploring the wider evolution of women’s football and how she believes more must be done in leagues such as the NWSL to give female players the working conditions they deserve (11:31).

With achievements that include the record for the most international goals scored, the discussion turns to her own motivations and her desire to leave the game in a better place than she found it (3:20). 

Stay tuned for the next episode of FIFPRO's Changing The Game with Yuki Nagasato, out 1st December.