Vanished: DB Cooper " November 24th, 1971"

Season 2, Episode 11,   Nov 24, 2021, 10:21 PM

Welcome back. Anniversaires are fun. And if you’ve followed this show you know that we kind of make a big deal of those around here. January 5th, 1939; after vanishing over the pacific ocean alongside her navigator Fred Noonan, icon Amelia Earhart is declared dead in Absentia. August 31st, 1888, the body of Mary Ann Nichols was discovered at 3:40 AM in Whitechapel...officially beginning Jack the Ripper’s “Autumn of Terror”. April 14th, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth leading to a nationwide manhunt just after the end of the Civil War. 

Remembrance of those dates is important because they tell stories. Stories that have been expanded upon and investigated thoroughly to this day. And that brings us to tonight. Not too many people can become historically associated with a verb. But our next subject can. 50 years ago tonight, a still unidentified man skyjacked a commercial airliner, demanded a $200 thousand dollar ransom (a little over 1.3 million today), and jumped out of that airliner into the darkness never to be seen again. He has no ending and no beginning. He existed for only a few short hours, and in that time, he committed the perfect crime. His name is only an alias, but it’s become the most famous alias in all of aviation history. 

Tonight, we have a first for this show as we release our entire series on one very special anniversary. 50 years ago, an unassuming man jumps into history. He’s become a ghost. But now, perhaps finally, we’ll have a name to go with that ghost. 

Oh, you thought we were done? We’re just getting started. 

Welcome back to Vanished. And part one of our three-part series for DB Cooper.