Shwezin Win - Win At Life Coaching

Season 2, Episode 6,   Nov 30, 2021, 05:00 AM

In the final episode of series two, Charlotte is talking to Shwezin Win - founder of Win At Life coaching. She is a mum, a step-mum, a marketing expert and now a coach who works with parents, young adults and teens to curate a life where they feel able to thrive. 

Shwezin shared her story of arriving in the UK at the impressionable age of seven, navigating the UK school system and the impact that has had on her in her later career. We explored some of the experiences parents are facing in the workplace and the importance of remembering that parenting is not one dimensional and linear in experience. Shwezin was the chair of the parents network in her previous employer so knows first hand the two worlds of being a parent and an employee can collide with a bang!

If you want to find out more about Shwezin's work you can head over to her website or find her on LinkedIn.