Episode #345 - ‘You've Got Mail’ - Device Anxiety

Nov 24, 2021, 02:00 PM

 Gather round the table, it’s a ReWatchable Thanksgiving Special! The next film on our 2021 movie slate loosely touches on Thanksgiving, but gives us the best Autumn in New York vibes. Join us as we talk though the cyber-union of of everyone’s favorite rom com leads Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in the Nora Ephron classic You’ve Got Mail. It’s impossible to find a newbie for this one, so our panel of five hosts talk about the power of online relationships, if this movie would work today (or with anyone other than Tom Hanks) and which locations look best on screen. 

Fun Facts: Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes

  • Ariana: Smallville 10.07 “Ambush”
  • Brittany: Will & Grace 3.08/3.09 “Lows in the Mid-Eighties (Part I and II)"
  • Cass: Bob’s Burgers 4.05 “Turkey in a Can”
  • Danielle: Gossip Girl 1.09 “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”
  • Natalie: New Girl 1.06 “Thanksgiving” and Buffy 4.08 “Pangs”

We’ve got early 00s sitcoms, late series holiday reunions, a series that celebrates the holiday annually on air, some not so shiny interactions, and some friends rounding out the found family celebrations.

  • A long tangled adaptation tree stems from the 1937 Hungarian play Parfumerie
  • Nora Ephron the Queen of rom coms with hits such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle
  • What was going on with the ads in the 90s in Australia?
  • What sets a great rom com apart from other movies?
  • Humor is at the top but a close second is actually believing in the romance
  • We somehow got to the Eternals romance and anyway read Natalie’s review of the film here
  • Hallmark movies are not romcoms, but they do end in the way some stories should - they end
  • We navigate our way from the Regency era to the Internet era
  • Internet relationships have a very different starting point than in-person relationships and it’s...freeing
  • We trace the evolution of change in internet relationships from chat rooms, to anonymous relationships via email, to cell phones
  • You’ve Got Mail is the first (and maybe only) film to unpack these relationships well
  • Is there cheating in this movie? 
  • We love a healthy breakup!
  • What would the tags for this be on AO3?
  • An enemy to lovers plot requires so much more than hate
  • The Miike Snow music video for Genghis Khan is relevant, trust Cass
  • What makes Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks so special and perfect for these roles?
  • We don’t think You’ve Got Mail would have worked with anyone else, especially given the fact that Joe was “in the know” for most of the movie
  • Who could be our leads today? (Besides Daniel Radcliffe who we talk about in depth in an episode of Not About the Weather)
  • There is also another running current in this movie about familial legacy 
  • We could have used more depth with the depths of what Joe’s relationship with money
  • The shop fails and it’s another plot device that may help Kathleen if it was developed more
  • Further, insights to Kathleen’s thoughts on Joe would have been appreciated
  • The third major player in this film is New York City, what are some other films that nail the sense of place?
  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite lines
This week’s panel of superfans are: Natalie Fisher, Danielle Zimmerman, Brittany Lovely, Cass Cooper, and Ariana Quiñónez.

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