Sheila B. guest hosts Downtown Soulville! from Nov 26, 2021

Nov 27, 2021, 02:54 AM

The Adorables - "Baby Come And Get It"
Jasper Woods - "Hully Gully Papa"
Billie Davis - "Whatcha Gonna Do"
The Vonns - "So Many Days"
Hollywood Jills - "A Good Thing Baby"
Mabel King - "Go Back Home Young Fella"
Jeanette "Baby" Washington - "Move On"
Barbara & the Browns - "I Don't Want Trouble"
Barbara Carr - "Don't Knock Love"
Little Eva - "Mama Said"
Norma & the Heartaches - "Hot Pants"
Bobby Hebb - "Love Love Love"
The Gems - "Can't You Take A Hint"
The Bronzettes - "Hot Spot"
The Lornettes - "His Way With the Girls"
The Opals - "You Can't Hurt Me No More"
Lou Johnson - "It Ain't No Use"
Ruby Andrews - "Just Loving You"
The Flirtations - "Little Darling (I Need You)"
Millie Jackson - "My Man, A Sweet Man"
Dee Dee Sharp - "What Kind Of Lady"
Betty Adams - "Make It Real (Ride On)"
Shirley Ellis - "Get Out"