How Not to Be Influenced by Negative Influencers!

Episode 297,  Nov 27, 2021, 06:28 PM

Steven and Meg hope to see some KB’s at next months concert in Charleston, SC.  Steven answers a listeners question about how not to be hurt by the pettiness of her family. “When it comes to not adhering to the beliefs of negative thoughts, words and actions, regardless of where they originate from, we have a choice as to rather or not we will consider them.  Somebody says, “Well Steve, I don’t believe the petty things they say about me, they just upset me when they speak to me that way.”  If it upsets you, you’re reasoning with them.  You don’t have to believe them, to reason with them.  You’re not above the noise yet.  In other words, we have the choice of how we process other people's words. Meg, you and I were just talking about what it means if somebody else respects you or not.  The world will tell you that “you have to earn respect.”  This is not true.  The idea that we have to earn respect places you under the control of others. The esteem of your life, lies within you, not in other people. That's why it's called self-esteem.  The Bible says, “as you think, so shall you be."  This is talking about the quantum substance of a belief, producing the life a person will experience. We are what we think about all day long.  If I put a label on myself like, "I am hurt, I am depressed, I am angry, I am lonely, I don’t feel good, I don’t have enough money, I’m just sick and tired of all the games, the news is so depressing, — whatever I say,  even if it’s just a “figure of speech”, Well what do you think a figure of speech is?  Words, in this universe, are things, they are figures.  But those flippant words, which are labels becomes my reality, and then I’m  acting on that reality, as though it is, and I’m one of the most powerful processing centers of power in the creative universe, and my authority is now attracting a reality, to represent who I’ve been designing myself to be. Those type of negative identifiers are a cognitive, neurosis trap.  And they’re self-defeating. No-one is an actual victim to people or circumstances, because  the “I am" of me, the “I am” of you, and the statements you make, always manifests first into mine and your life, and we have the final authority of what will be.”

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