Sculpting Lives: Making Sculpture Public

Season 2, Episode 6,   Dec 06, 2021, 05:00 AM

Over the last year public sculpture has become a hugely controversial issue. No longer passive objects that we simply walk past on our streets, public sculptures are part of a vigorous debate about contemporary society – who is commemorated and represented, and why. In this episode we delve further into this subject, interviewing the people associated with our most recent sculpture commissions of and by women, speaking to critics and researchers who are reflecting on the historical dimensions of this contemporary moment, and the contemporary sculptors who are making objects that occupy our streets and squares. Jo and Sarah also visit the Breaking the Mould Exhibition: Sculpture by Women Since 1945, organised by the Arts Council Collection, to talk to the curator and some of the artists involved in this landmark display. Together, they discuss the relevance of the public display and exhibition of the histories of women working with sculpture and broader questions about gender and representation in the art world and public sphere in 2021 .


  • Hettie Judah, Art Critic and WriterNatalie Rudd, Senior Curator, Arts Council Collection
  • Kate MacMillan, King’s College, London
  • Bee Rowlatt, Chairwoman of the Mary on the Green campaign
  • Natalie Rudd, PhD Researcher and formerly Senior Curator, Arts Council Collection
  • Bianca Chu, Kim Lim Estate
  • Holly Hendry, Artist
  • Katie Cuddon, Artist
  • Permindar Kaur, Artist
  • Rosanne Robertson, Artist

Digital image: Maggi Hambling, Statue for Mary Wollstonecraft, 2020. Photography: Sarah Victoria Turner