Twilight 2000 4E - It's Always Cloudy in Kalisz - EP17 - "...and I Feel Fine."

Episode 38,  Nov 30, 2021, 05:01 AM

It is the end of the world as we know it and it is also the end of our story, for now. The remaining survivors flee the college as the Soviet assault continues. Bleeding, bruised, burned, and carrying with them one of their own, fallen in battle, the group stops by the river east of the college, near the bridge that will lead them east toward Zofie's home town. It is a moment of rest, healing, a time to come clean, and a time to say goodbye. But there is not time to rest for long, because there is no respite in the dark and dangerous world of Twilight 2000.

Thank you so much for listening to our story. We had such a great time playing these characters. You can stay after a short commercial about our merch to hear our after-action report as we muse about our characters, favorite moments and likes and dislikes about the game mechanics. Again, from all of us here at the AARPG, thank you so much for listening, commenting, and supporting us with likes, subscribes, and feedback.

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