ITP Sport | Allison Forsyth

Episode 91,  Nov 30, 2021, 10:36 PM

Allison Forsyth is a partner at ITP Sport and Recreation, an advocate of Safe Sport for athletes of all ages, and a 2-time Olympian in alpine skiing.

In this episode, we talk about Allison's journey from her commitment as a student athlete to her experiences in the Olympics, and what led her to the field of Safe Sport. She discusses how the perspective on abuse is shifting and what still needs improvement, as well as offering suggestions for organizations that want to implement a new system.

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Allison is a business leader focusing on the prevention and case management of maltreatment, who has worked with the federal government and the public sector to create a safer, high-performance system. With 12+ years of business development, operations, marketing, communications, and leadership experience, she is now a consultant and advisor to sports brands and organizations at all levels.

Table of Contents

0:00 - Intro

1:20 - Growing up playing sports

3:45 - "Over-specialization" vs. long-term development

6:10 - Allison's skiing career and the Olympics

10:00 - Her path to working in Safe Sport

18:25 - Changes in the athletic world

23:50 - Preventing harassment/abuse

30:10 - Emotional and physical protection

33:00 - Cyberbullying in sports

43:50 - Business model and partners

47:20 - The newest developments

50:10 - Recommended approaches

55:40 - Supervising young players

58:10 - Where to find Allison

59:25 - Outro

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally aired live on For the Love of the Game's Facebook page.