Episode 184 - 12-2-21

Episode 82,  Dec 03, 2021, 06:15 AM

Braga, King, and Ski talk:
:30: Working on Black Friday, Ski's anti bacon stance, $1 Blazers tix.
11:05: Oregon's bad basketball teams.
15:18: Dairy Mart Duel: Brown's perfect game, Hutson stepping up, McKinley's targeting call, the fight at the end.
37:06: passing on Spencer Rattler, USC scoring Lincoln Riley, butt-ass Brian Kelly going to LSU and winning a natty.
53:45: Moorhead going to Akron, why Mario would go to Miami, DeBoer to UW.
1:04:04: Championship game bets, top 3 names for the new bowl game.