Bikram Yoga 90 Minute Class | How to Talk to Your Doctor about Yoga | Yoga Principles Are Not Well Understood

Season 3, Episode 31,  Dec 10, 2021, 06:10 PM

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Have you ever been told to "not do yoga" for some reason?

Did you ever question if that recommendation made sense?
Did the person telling you understand exactly what we do in yoga class?
Did they know how the whole class can be modified to allow portions of the postures to be done?
Did they know that you only need to be able to breathe and to concentrate in order to be able to practice?
Did they know that you can do Bikram Yoga from a wheelchair?
That you can do Bikram Yoga without an arm, or without a leg?
That you can leave a body part 100% alone for a while and get instructions about how to do the posture with the rest of the body?
That you can do class at home and avoid the sweat for a little while, if that is the issue?

It is extremely important that we ask much better questions of medical professionals who make these blanket recommendations...recommendations that are ignorant of what this yoga practice is, and how it can be practiced with the utmost gentleness and intelligence.

Check our blog (coming soon) for more on How To Talk to Your Doctor About Bikram Yoga.

Class recorded December 3, 2021 at
Bikram Yoga Capital Area / Online
East Lansing, Michigan