Becky Adlington "I block it, remove it from my brain and laugh it off "

Season 3, Episode 6,  Dec 06, 2021, 02:00 AM

In today's episode, I head to the heart of London, Hyde Park to meet an icon and role model both in and out of the sport's world.  She’s a double Olympic Gold medalist, European, Commonwealth and World Championship medalist and one of the famous faces who made history in London 2012. She’s got an infectious zest for life, she's a power mum and someone I’m really excited to walk with. It is .... Rebecca Adlington. 

I love the energetic flow of our conversation in this chat, we talk about finding balance in everyday life, how swimming is the ultimate switch off as well as a great way of detaching yourself from the constant demand to be on the phone. We talk about Rebecca's life now she is retired from competitive swimming, and how she has tackled online bullying and her methods of coping with trolling.  Oh, and I may have signed myself up for a triathlon too!  

Aimee will be probing for answers from the full spectrum of routines; the early birds who have finely tuned Monday mornings, to the late risers who struggle to get up before 11am. How do elite athletes find the motivation to kick start their week come rain or shine? How do celebrities deliver no matter what the time of day? What knowledge can they pass on?

Each episode drops on a Monday morning and plays out in real time. Aimee will meet each of her guests for a walk and a chat and over the course of the mile she will find out how they cope on a Monday morning - their idiosyncrasies, breakfast routines, alarm noises - and how, when they need to, find the motivation to kick-on through the week. 

Dropping every Monday as a bitesize piece of content and weekly dose of motivation - right when you need it - sharing some of Britain's greatest athletes’ secrets on self-motivation, candid thoughts on what they struggle with and a sideways look at some of their more unusual morning habits. 

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Filmed and Edited by Jack Holmes.