The Bikram Yoga Method is Intense for Good Reason. Intensity is Needed! We Must Fill Up Our Thought Bubbles with Present Moment Stuff!

Season 3, Episode 34,  Dec 18, 2021, 12:22 PM

It is one of the keys to recovery from addiction.
One of the keys to recovery from any compulsive disorder (eating disorders included).
And it is the signature method of the Bikram Yoga practice.

What is it, you may ask?

The filling of your thought bubbles with present moment effort, attention, words, and sensations.

The intensity of this class is your best friend, as it FORCES a shake up.  A shake up of the usual nonsense chatter that is going constantly in the background!

Some people complain that BIkram Yoga is "too intense", not owning the fact that each of us regulates how hard we work.  We are each responsible for our own level of effort.

But besides that, I have a question for those who make the "too intense" claim:
What exactly do you think it is going to take to shake up your physical, psychological, and energetic patterns in order for HEALING to take place?
A do-whatever-you-feel-like, no-need-to-lift-a-finger approach?

Of course not.

If we want change and healing, we need some level of intensity.  Even if that intensity is simply intensity of concentration, and an attempt at 50% of the postures.

The point is: don't run from intensity.  It is the only thing that is going to work, frankly.

Class recorded Sunday, December 5, 2021 at
Bikram Yoga Capital Area / Online
East Lansing, Michigan