The #1 Formula for Success that Never Fails!

Episode 298,  Dec 06, 2021, 05:52 PM

Steven and Meg laugh at how much stuff they’re now traveling with. Steven answers a KB’s question about why their sense of happiness changes with their feelings?  “The cause of success is the same within every person, the difference is in the things that successful people desire, but not in the success itself.  In other words, success is essentially the same, whether it results in the attraction of health, wealth, happiness or joy, the development of talents or positions in life, success is the manifestation, without regard to the things that are manifested. 
We’ve talked about this at length before, but it is a law in nature that like kind attracts like kind, that the same causes always produce the like-kind effects.  In other words, success, is not a respecter of persons.  What works, works, regardless of who is working it.  Since the cause of success is the same, the cause of success has never changed, then the cause of success must be the same in all cases.  But what we want to do is look at the fruit of a persons success, and say, “that is what success looks like” and that is polar opposite from what is true.  What success looks like, cannot be seen with the naked eye. The cause of success is always within the person who succeeds. If the cause of success was in the environment, outside of the person, then all persons, in that environment, would succeed. 
So we know that the cause of success is in the individual, and nowhere else. Knowing this fundamental truth of the power of manifestation, makes it mathematically positive that I can succeed—if I will find out the cause of success, and develop it to sufficient strength, and not wavering, apply it in the correct way, to my desires.  What’s happening?  I’m a Kinetic Believer, and now I’m working on something.”

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