#070 The Pick-a-Path Issue

Episode 70,   Dec 07, 2021, 06:33 PM

Welcome to Ep 70 where we try and 'choose our own adventure' through segments and end up picking a bad path. No doubt you'll find yourself just as confused and lost as we were. In the mess we somehow manage to cover multi-crash planes, almost crashed ISS space station, recaps on birds and marriages, a UK bigfoot and the hatching of decades old dormant underground shrimp eggs. Also, Dan levels-up to 'premiere grade' whilst Buttons levels-down to a 'back-sider'. 

*New Segment alert* Weird animals doing strange things! (the animals are normal, what they do is weird). First episode covers Bovine hydro-slides and Possum kidnappers.... as in, it's the nasty possums doing the 'napping!!