Happy Hearts, Lonely Hearts, and Kevin Hart

Season 1, Episode 23,   Dec 08, 2021, 09:00 AM

Mags and Dad talk holiday gifts, the Kevin Hart experience, and minimizing loneliness during the holidays.

Show Notes: 
01:50   Our Christmas set with custom Santa gourds.
03:30   Mags and Dad on the slack rope.
08:04   What’s better? Getting or giving gifts?
09:13   Dan’s favorite gift – marriage vows in Canada!
10:50   “Mags we get to see Kevin Hart live today in Atlanta.” 
15:12   Weird thoughts on bathrobes.
16:42   The summer Dan and his friends “built a boat.”
21:08   Preschool adventures in flying with Kenzey.
21:54   The joys and jolts of parachutes in school.
23:30   Mags runs like she eats – efficiently!
24:55   Push in the pool videos this winter? 
25:25   Blythe – fun fact.
26:27   Listener question from Jon: What are some suggestions for combating loneliness?
29:33   Mags message to Jon: surround yourself with single friends and get involved in volunteering.
30:28   Dan’s message to Jon:  Pick up a hobby, join a club, 
31:55   Comparing yourself to others is self-defeating.
36:11   Listener question from Maddy: Dealing with separation from fiancé who is deployed.

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