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During 2020, Maggie and her Dad became widely known for TikToks featuring their dances together, their comedic personalities, and their honest question and answer sessions which often ended up with one ... or both of them getting pushed into a cold pool! They both have diverse and unusual skill sets and continue to innovate content as they navigate very busy and productive lives. Their content is family friendly, advocating good values with great fun and incredible energy. Over and over in the comment sections of their videos, audiences from all over the planet express the sentiment, “I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad (and my daughter). Exactly HOW do you make that happen?” In their new podcast, entitled “Mags and Dad's Wholesome Chaos,” Mags and her Dad will reveal new elements to their backstories, secrets to their relationship success, and real, down-to-earth perspectives on life that will make you smile and help you “do life” with greater fun and confidence.

Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos

Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos
77 episodes