Winter fitness can be fun

Episode 2,  Dec 08, 2021, 07:09 AM

The winter weather can be very persuasive in making people want to curl up in front of the TV, but there are plenty of good reasons to get active during winter. The weather will help you burn more calories as your body works harder to stay warm when exercising in the cold, and you're guaranteed that the streets will be much emptier than in the summer if you want to go out jogging or cycling in the mornings or evenings. 
In this episode, about this being an ideal opportunity for those who feel self-conscious about exercising in public. If you’d rather not brave the chilly temperatures, there’s no excuse for not jumping on an exercise bike or doing a workout DVD on the TV. The dark nights and cold weather can be demotivating, but the extra energy from a regular exercise regime will help stop winter lethargy.