Bikram Yoga | Floor Series Only | 40-minute Practice | How to Cultivate your Willingess | Many Body Parts as ONE | Focusing on more Subtle Sensations |

Season 4, Episode 4,  Dec 22, 2021, 04:25 PM

In this 40-minute floor series-only class, we explore a few more "advanced" themes in yoga & self-realization. These themes are absolutely accessible to the open-minded beginner as well!

First, we consider the sensations of the body other than muscle contraction and muscle stretch.  Although at first these may be the "loudest" sensations, we can "advance" into focusing on a much broader array of physical sensations and understanding what they might be.

Second: does the leg "connect" to the abdomen, or is it all one piece that we have chopped up by naming?  We considered this in the standing postures (not recorded) and then revisited it during the spine strengthening series.  Particularly when considering the nerves that travel to and from the extremities, we can view the foot and spine as one piece, or the finger and the necd as one piece.  In a certain sense, they are absolutely one, not separate body parts.

Finally: how can we cultivate willingness when our initial response is discomfort, dislike, disgust, or avoidance?  It turns out that Bikram Yoga is a great place to train ourselves to focus on our respons-ability on the inside....rather than the many uncontrollables on the outside!

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This 90-minute class was recorded at
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