Copy These INSANE Brand Scaling Strategies

Episode 178,  Dec 15, 2021, 05:20 AM

Welcome to eCommerce Scaling Secrets! Here I, Alex Fedotoff, share with you valuable knowledge I’ve gained throughout spending millions of $$ on online advertising.

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Hey guys,

Trying to BUILD A BRAND and don’t know HOW TO SCALE it?

I bet you’ve tried ALL the Fb ads strategies in the world already…small interests, LLAs, manual bidding…Didn’t work?

Well, of course…It’s the MINDSET, not the Fb strategies that you need to work on…

Today, I’m gonna show you HOW TO SCALE A BRAND:
Creating ORIGINAL ORGANIC content instead of copying ads from online
Creating FUNNELS instead of relying on the preset Shopify themes and simple product description
Crafting unique HIGH VALUE OFFERS that CANNOT be copied by competitors
Creating strong BACKEND - brands make profit on backend, not frontend
Building a COMMUNITY and BOOSTING your customer LTV

This is just a hint on WHAT is gonna be in the vid…Wanna find out more? Check it out now!

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