Beth Heaven: Working for the world's most recognisable brand

Season 2, Episode 13,  Jan 10, 06:49 AM

Beth Heaven (2008) is Partnerships and Digital Senior Manager working at The Walt Disney Company's head office in London - and yes, characters do occasionally pop in to say hello!

She is currently working in the products part of the business, working with partners such as Lego and H&M who use the Disney IP as part of their own product lines, but she also talks about the other areas of the business she's worked in prior to this role (including a brief stint as a presenter on Disney's YouTube channel!)

Beth's journey to Disney has been anything but linear, and being in such a creative role at one of the most creative companies in the world, it may be surprising to hear that Beth studied Biochemistry after leaving KEHS and even went for a finance job with one of the Big Four companies before deciding that it wasn't for her.

In this conversation, she talks about how important it is to enjoy your work and how she'd look for a new role if she stopped enjoying her work at The Walt Disney Company - being passionate about her work and the feeling of being challenged are hugely important to her, and allows her to be the very best she can be at whatever she's asked to do.

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