Episode #347 - 'While You Were Sleeping' - Little White Lies

Dec 24, 2021, 04:05 PM

Happy Holidays from ReWatchable! Our hosts have once again come together to celebrate with another holiday special. This time we watch the legendary Sandra Bullock try to untangle herself from the she-said, she-said lie of While You Were Sleeping. Despite the fact that the plot that could have easily been resolved very quickly with no fallout several times throughout this movie, we find ourselves tangled up in enough of the delightful antics to discuss whether Bill Pullman holds his own against Sandy, debate whose lie is worse (Lucy Moderatz or Joe Fox), and whether we appreciate public demonstrations of love or not. 

Before we get into the episode notes, if you are a ReWatchable fan from way back, we have some exciting Subjectify content for you! Natalie Fisher spoke with our dear friend Giles, Anthony Head, about his new project The Canterville Ghost and more!

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Fun Facts: Favorite Christmas Episodes

  • Ariana: Downton Abbey season 2 Christmas Special, runner up The Mindy Project Christmas Party Sex Trap
  • Brittany: A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)
  • Cass: The X-Files “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”
  • Natalie: Ted Lasso “Carol of the Bells”

While You Were Sleeping

  • It is frightening how easily this movie could be recast as a thriller
  • Lucy is all alone in this world, but does Sandra Bullock pull it off?
  • Is she giving off millennial vibes before they really existed?
  • What was the audience reception of this movie vs how we see it?
  • Let’s unpack the trope of perpetuating the lie by just not correcting the narrative to the truth
  • This could be easily resolved!
  • Thank goodness for Jack who is here to poke holes in her story. But why is he doing it?
  • It’s a family affair!
  • Godfather Saul, why are you encouraging this? If we were Saul what would we do?
  • Bill Pullman, our leading man, shows up a third of the way in the movie
  • What do we think of Pullman as a leading man? (Brittany vouches for the hot dad in Casper)
  • Let’s rank the best people to play opposite Sandra Bullock
  • Moving on from one brother, let’s talk about sleepy Peter
  • Conscious Peter is…. Well… awake
  • The wedding happens and she leaves, that’s it, that’s the scene
  • Actually, wait, this scene is actually ridiculous and we need to talk about it. HE HAS AN IV IN HIS ARM
  • Jack proposes because why not?
  • Were there any behind the scenes conversations about this between the family members? Probably not, Saul handled it.
  • Public proposals - huge no
  • Narration book ends this film - love it or hate it?
  • Side characters - Joe Jr, Jerry, and the orderly Rick Worthy
  • While You Were Sleeping vs Practical Magic - rate the Bullock performance!
  • In terms of cinematography, this is a very grey movie
  • While You Were Sleeping vs You've Got Mail - rate the lie!
  • The stakes of Lucy’s lie are so much larger, but easier to get out of it
  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite lines

This week’s superfans are: Brittany Lovely, Cass Cooper, and Ariana Quiñónez.

This week's newbie is: Natalie Fisher.

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