Estée Lalonde | Why wellbeing is so important and introducing her new brand Mirror Water

Episode 26,   Jan 05, 2022, 06:00 AM

Estée Lalonde on her evolution and the power of well-being

In this weeks episode we are truly honoured to have the brilliant Estée Lalonde on the podcast. 

Estée is a Creative Director living in London, England. Known for creating videos, hosting/producing podcasts and her love for all things beauty, it’s the sense of community she’s built in the online space that Estée is most proud of.

Estée started sharing videos on Youtube over 10 years ago, way before it was a “thing”, after moving to the UK from Canada. From a young age, Estée knew that she wanted a creative career and has spent the last decade building her personal brand. Establishing herself as a much-loved voice of the digital generation, Estée is known for beauty and  lifestyle content.

Opening up about her life, talking about her vulnerable side and addressing her mental health struggles has resulted in her audience feeling understood, hopeful and connected.

Estée’s most recent project called MIRROR WATER is a lifestyle community focused on self-reflection. Estée aims to build a space for people that value vulnerability and introspection.

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