A $3,000,000 UNTAPPED Product Research Hack

Episode 185,  Jan 08, 12:25 PM

Welcome to eCommerce Scaling Secrets! Here I, Alex Fedotoff, share with you valuable knowledge I’ve gained throughout spending millions of $$ on online advertising.

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Hey guys,

You ABSOLUTELY have heard about this guy if you are from an ECOM SPACE - meet Oscar Adelman, the CEO of REMI - custom night guards for teeth!

With his AMAZING INNOVATIVE products, Oscar is making OVER 3 MIL/YEAR, profitably…

Oscar is a GREAT investor, who’ll not only teach you how to create CUSTOM products, but also a few tricks in CAPITAL ALLOCATION:


How Oscar came up with his Custom Night Guard
How to LOWER RETURN RATES from customers
How to VALIDATE the product and FIND the market fit
How to get into DIVERSE acquisition channels
A PORTFOLIO of products vs ONE-PRODUCT brands
BARRIER OF ENTRY - a sustainability tip

Honestly, IF YOU OWN AN ECOM STORE, you HAVE TO hear this! Tons of PRACTICAL USEFUL tips to implement RIGHT NOW!

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