Dan’s Magical Closet and Exploding Sodas.

Season 1, Episode 29,   Jan 19, 2022, 09:00 AM

Mags (from movie location) and Dad talk about stress habits, dating apps, and fights with siblings. Mom and Eddie in the studio too.

Show Notes:
01:22   Snow-pocalypse 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBEvck7MsvE 
02:45   Mags stress shopping.
05:40   Mags wraps shooting on “The Other Zoey.”
07:31    Returning to LA after a month away.
09:20   Mags experience with dating apps.
12:30    Mags 19 going on 21?
13:00   Casinos and gambling.
15:00   Listener question from Parker: What are some healthy stress coping mechanisms?
19:14   You don’t have to have a following to have Influence!
21:00   Do you have to be good at your hobbies to enjoy them?
22:57   Listener question from Mayla: Did you and your sibling(s) get into fights growing up?
29:12   Listener/follower support of Mags – Thank you! You’re the best!
31:55   “Fake Famous” documentary. 
35:52   Listener question from Nati: More Chicago adventures of Dan growing up.
37:37   Dan’s Cubs game disaster story.
40:20   Eddie and Maggie’s adventures in Tamesan and airsoft wars.
44:05   Dan’s magical closet.