Season 4, Episode 90,   Feb 07, 2022, 12:30 AM

It’s a fresh start at Warrington under new coach Daryl Powell, but why is he running with the idiom ‘putting the cart before the horse’? Yes, "What would Brian Bevan say?" returns for a fourth season. So brace yourself for over two hours of your life you'll never get back, as Dennis re-badges his section with a literary theme - but rather than running with a book synopsis decides to painstakingly read aloud in real time. Sam drops the bombshell he’s no longer a season ticket holder. Can he be persuaded back to the Halliwell Jones by an attractive brand of Rugby? Rob, dressed only in his underpants in sweltering Sydney heat, soon discovers his chair’s not made from real leather. There’s a debatable Greek quiz, a significant rant, predictions through the panel’s in-house scientific computer HAL, plus a vote-off between Sky's Jenna Brooks and Channel 4's Susie Dent. And premiering on the podcast, the new sitcom BEERS - set in the heartland of Cheshire's Stockton Heath, where everybody knows your name. Enjoy.

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