POMM-cast Episode 15 - Birch Moon

Episode 15,  Jan 31, 12:59 AM

Happy New Year, whichever calendar you follow! I go back into some details about Capricorn season in this episode, so feel free to check out Episode 14 if you'd like some additional context. Part of my focus with astrology and following the cycles within the calendar year has shifted towards noticing the similarities rather than the differences within these different months as they overlap with different zodiac seasons. Rather than there being a distinct change when one ends and another begins, there's more of a blending of qualities that support each other in reaching the next stage in yet another larger, endless cycle. So maybe I shouldn't have abruptly ended this topic to keep it separate from the others I had to discuss for this period of time, but maybe now I'll just have some longer episodes moving now moving forward. For now, thanks for listening! Find me on IG, tiktok, and twitter - @eramoog You can also find more content and services on my personal website - eramoog.com