Episode 123 - How to Create Harmony Through Communication

Season 1, Episode 123,   Mar 09, 2022, 08:12 PM

Stop struggling to find 'balance' in your life when you learn the techniques to communicate in harmony.

Episode 123 
Beth Berghan

Leadership Consultant, International Life and Business Success Coach, Beth Berghan has extensive experience working both in the public sector and operating multiple, successful small businesses. 

She has worked nationally and internationally as a facilitator, coach, speaker, writer and in business and opportunity development since 2007. These experiences have provided Beth with a unique combined insight into, and an understanding of, the demands of an executive role and the challenges all small business operators face daily. 

Beth challenges and encourages her clients to explore things from a different perspective. Her strong sense of self is reflected in the courage she shows when working with her clients, supporting them to make changes to themselves, their teams, and their organisation which has flow-on benefits at many levels. 

In this episode, Beth explains how we can create harmony in our lives and our businesses through open, timely communication.

She describes how we all have untapped potential and how our main superpower is the power of choice.

If you are struggling to juggle business and your ‘other’ life and walking the line between emotions and logic…Heart and Head, this is a must-listen. Discover techniques to develop the scheduling and communication skills needed to live your life with Harmony.

Email - coach@bethberghan.com
Best Contact Number - 0412585148

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